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'Fast talking' is a disturbance of flow of speech, at which the speech is characterized by an excessive speed and the non-existence of pauses. We experience therefore the speech of an individual with 'fast talking' as a "torrent", during which the articulation is particularly disturbed. Because the symptomatology of this disturbance is not limited in the chronically not coordinated and not structured way of oral expression, but it concerns also other parameters of the speech and talking, it takes the character of syndrome.

The speech of an individual with 'fast talking' is characterized by semifinished sentences, in which are absent, deformed, cut phonemes, syllables or even entire words. The main difference between a 'fast talking' person and a stutterer, is that the first does not have conscience of his disturbance and when he has his attention in his speech, it presents obviously more intense symptoms. This also results, that it has not developed all that secondary symptomatology of a stutterer, the layout of his personality for example on negative experiences of his past.

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