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The Myofunctional Therapy - MFT is the method that deals with the re-establishment of the right operation of the muscles of the facial system and the creation of muscular balance into this system. Objective of the MFT is the correction of basic operations as ingestion, breathing, chewing, speech, which are practiced in a wrong way. MFT contributes in the re-establishment of non-normal operations of the tongue initiation, of the jawbones and of the face. Recognizing this operation of the muscles of the facial system, the MFT was applied initially almost in exclusively as supporting and accompanying mean into the orthodontics treatment. Then it was observed, that the disturbances in the primary operations of facial system, as the breathing, bite, the chewing, the ingestion, can influence unfavourably the secondary operations that is to say the articulation, the production of sound, the mimic' expression. Thus, dysfunctional speech with big rates of regression after the end of the treatment, heavy delay of development of the speech, disturbances of speech because of cerebral palsy and Dysarthroses constitute examples of disturbances of speech, the confrontation of which with the help of MFT, leads to the desirable results.

In Greece the MFT is a new relatively proposal of therapeutic intervention in the spaces of Orthodontics and Speechtherapists.

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