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The ingestion is a daily process, in which under normal circumstances we do not dedicate any particular attention. It is useful in the transport of shawl and food from the buccal cavity in the stomach. A part of this action happens on purpose, while the rest takes place reflexives. For a physiologic ingestion it requires a healthy nervous system, certain structural conditions in the region of larynx, as well as a functional capable muscular system. The term dysfagia is reported in the problems of conducting ingestion, which can make their appearance when the operation of one or more important for this process of factors, is disturbed. The appearance of these problems can have limited time duration or to even lead to the complete disability of ingestion.

There are symptoms, which give explicit clues on the existence of such form of disturbance, while the absence of those it does not have to be translated, that the patient swallows with safety. Between these symptoms it is the slow motion feeding or the refusal of feeding, difficulties in the activation of ingestion, choking or cough during or after the reception of food, trembling voice. The dysfagia can be found rather often in patients with cerebral episode, and older ages constitute the team with the bigger venturousness. Parallel with the consequences that result to the disturbance in the health of patient, the psychosocial dimension should not in any case be underestimated. The patient does not feel particularly comfortable, in-between others, with the cough and saliva flow, so that it is withdrawn socially and it is led to introversion. Moreover, the quality of his life is degraded, because it cannot enjoy any more, such an important for the modern person process, the food.

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