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LACKS IN THE VOCABULARY (semantics disturbances)

In this case, the divergence is located not only in the decreased breadth of the child's vocabulary, but also in the strategies adopted in order to cope with the linguistic challenges. A strategy, which is observed widely, is the replacement of unknown words with others. Such an example can occur in a lot of ways, as for example via her description. Thus a child, for example, characterizes a glass with lemonade, as "a glass with something yellow in it". Sometimes we find children answering with words from the same semantic space. For Example in the projection of pictures, the "ear" is characterized as "nose", the "lens" as "light", the "lemon" as "abricot", the "skirt" as "dress" etc.

It becomes clear here that this is not an innocent mistake of the moment, but a systematically erroneous action. Often via the shaping of "bridges" the child tries to approach the word that he is looking for in a given moment. These strategies show us that the words from the child's vocabulary are absent, the fast access in the vocabulary is overloaded and obviously the significance of a word is still not explicit, against other relatives.

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