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DYSGRAMMATISMUS (morpho-syntactic disturbances)

If your child at the age of 4 years old uses wrongly the rules that define the form of the words and their place in a sentence, in his effort to shape small sentences, we found ourselves in front of serious evidence that is some kind of disturbance in the grammatical development of the child's language. A Characteristic example of such a disturbance is the mistaken bent of verbs or their wrongful placement in the frames of a simple sentence (morpho-syntactic disturbances).

Usually this is only the top of the iceberg. The use of article and intentions, the shaping of plural and passive voice are some of the cases that holds particular difficulties in the children involved. The Dysgrammatsmus is never presented individually, but as part of wider linguistic development, in combination that is to say with disturbances in the articulation and (or) with lacks in the vocabulary (semantic disturbances).
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