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With the term Dysarthry we are talking about the central organic disturbances of the kinetic system of speech, which are expressed in the level of breathing at the duration of speech (Dyspnoe), the shaping of voice and articulation (Dysarthrophonie), as also in the level of prosody (melody, dynamics and rythm of speech). That is to say a central nervous disturbance of exterior system of speech, because of wound, palsies and weakness of sufficient collaboration of the muscular system of speech.

Depending on the type of Dysarthry, the speech presents certain clinical characteristics it sounds vague and colourless it is characterized by a big effort and lassitude it is particularly slow it misses the passion and the melody it is slow and is accompanied by very frequent inhalations. The aim of logo therapy is, via concrete techniques and methods, to do again conscious, to exercise and in continuity to automate, those movements of the system of speech, which under normal circumstances become unconscious.

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