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The aphasia is caused mainly via a cerebral episode, which causes damage in that center of brain, which is responsible for the process of speech and talking. This has as consequence to the individuals, which up to that point can speak, understand, read and write, a big inversion of their communication skills. Other reasons that can lead up to the aphasia are any form of cerebral wound (e.g. car accident or working accident) and the appearance of cancer in the brain.

Expressive and perceptive language a portion of patients is facing problems mainly in the expressive language (in the speech itself), while another in the perceptive (in comprehension of speech). In other again cases, we are talking about disturbances and in the two sectors above. Also the reading and the writing are sectors in which are observed intense disturbances. The degree at which the above sectors are disturbed, it depends from the type of aphasia and from the point of center of speech in the brain that has suffered the damage. Individuals, which have suffered big damage, they experience very intense linguistic difficulties.

They can be in the position to pronounce only the words "yes" and "no". Others, on the contrary, can face only light form disturbances, and make use of big in extent expressions. Often there are difficulties in finding the suitable word, grammatical and syntactic uncertainties, telegraphic style of speech, phonemes or even entire words are perplexed between them, it becomes use of neologisms (words that does not exist), thus resulting to a non-understandable speech of the patient to his interlocutors. These are few of the reasons that lead the patient and his each interlocutor to confusion.

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